How long does Therapy last?

Every situation is unique and the length of attendance is not a ¨one size fits all.” We meet you where you are at. From our very first session, we will review history, goals and create a treatment plan so that you are constantly engaged in the progress you are making.

Is Telemental Health as beneficial as a physical office visit?

Yes! Even though we are not physically in the same room; online therapy services are the same as an in-office visit. We will develop a treatment plan to best suit your needs.

Many patients have moved to online counseling due to the flexibility and safety of their own homes. It allows you to develop good self-care, more time to get tasks done and get the results you desire.

Why would online therapy be beneficial for children and parents?

When a parent brings their child to an office, the child does not typically display the actions that the parent is trying to describe.  When we have a session in the child’s environment, that can be a different story.  As a parent, you will gain skills to use with your child through the very structure and consistency that they desire.



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