Written by R.C. January 16, 2019

We have been working with Katie for 3 years now. Our son was extremely out of control (hitting, kicking, biting, etc…) He was one big ball of rage, and while we consider ourselves reasonably intelligent, my husband and I found ourselves at a loss for how to correct his behavior. As parents determined not to utilize physical discipline, we really struggled with alternatives.

In the beginning it was just so tough on everyone. We were at our wits end. After a couple months, wefound ourselves questioning the efficacy. At that point, we had a “breakthrough” session with Katie. We voiced our concerns, and she voiced hers. The bottom line, there is no easy “fix”. (I know, shocking, right?)

After that, we focused not on our “problem child”, but the core dysfunction of our family. Our family has 3 type-A personalities all vying for control. Clearly, not a winning formula. Through strict adherence to rules and firm boundaries, we’ve been transformed.

Katie has an phenomenal ease with our son. They have a real connection. She brings different techniques that really target the “in” to working with our son. Katie thinks outside the box, and doesn’t get defeated, she gets encouraged.

Katie is focused on our son’s well-being, and she’s working with our family to ensure he continues to thrive. If you’re looking to delegate your parental responsibility to another, I can tell you that Katie will put her all into your child. However, the success we’ve had required work on our part as parents.

While, we are hopefully (knock on wood), over some of the more intensive therapy sessions, we continue to work with Katie. Our son has a strong connection with Katie that continues to drive his maturity, anger-management techniques, and self-confidence. He can trust her, really trust her.

Our family has truly transformed with Katie’s guidance and dedication.

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