What is Telemental Health Services?

Similar to the traditional in-office psychotherapy, we use HIPAA Compliant platforms such as Simple Practice and Doxy.me. This is a protected platform for informed consent paperwork, medical records, billing, and treatment plans for each session.

Telemental Health or Teletherapy is the use of technology to conduct therapy face to face. Licensed therapists are to practice in the state(s) in which they are licensed. We are currently certified in the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. As a Board Certified Telemental Health Specialist,  all ethical state guidelines are in place to ensure your privacy and safety.

With Telemental Health, there may be times when technology has a glitch or WiFi is having an issue. If this occurs, we will always have a backup plan in place to ensure that your session occurs. During every session, I will ALWAYS be in a private location to protect your privacy at all times. 

If at any time you are a harm to yourself or someone else, STOP and please call 911. This site is not intended, nor equipped to handle crisis situations.
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